Great Games and Friendly Faces  

Sword and Board is a locally-owned and operated game store located on the main street of picturesque Havana, Illinois. We are Adam and Jes, the couple who decided to go on this adventure together, and we have had a love of games from a young age. Jes' passion for games started with Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle and playing Rummikub with her Granny. Adam grew up on board games like Dark Tower and HeroQuest, and has a soft spot for Super Nintendo RPGs. Naturally, as we have discovered the vast world of gaming, our lists of favorites have grown and matured. We have tried to instill this passion for gaming in our young son Ronan, who won his first Uno game at age 3, and now, at 4, has the patience for two and a half rounds of dominoes!

The dream of Sword and Board is not only to provide our community with a great local place to buy things for their hobbies but to also give everyone a place where they will feel accepted and comfortable spending time and meet other people with the same passions. We want to build a place we would love to spend time at.

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person in white shirt sitting beside table with puzzle game