Catan: Legend of the Conquerors Cities & Knights Scenario

Defend Catan! 570 years after the arrival of the first settlers on Catan, an enemy army lands on the northern shores. Knights from every region must join together to defend the island.

together will you be able to stop the onslaught. Can you save Catan from destruction?

The three scenarios tell an interwoven story and gives experienced players new challenges as they consider new strategies for victory. It is the most intense challenge for Catan ever designed.

9 Frame Pieces
24 Terrain Hexes
3 Chapter Boards
20 Conquerors
16 Forts
18 Politics Progress Cards
20 Battle Progress Cards
32 Amber Tokens
32 Wine Tokens
5 Trade Stations
1 Direction Marker
10 Number Tokens
4 Landing Markers
4 Settlement Markers
4 Road Markers
3 Blocked Road Markers
4 Cannons
4 Horses
8 Markers
4 Foundries
4 Horse Farms
Overview Cards

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