Sweet Mess


Welcome to the Sweet Mess Pastry Competition. You have worked hard to get here and the master chef cannot wait to see how you handle his famous recipes. The Sweet Mess kitchen is chaotic and, of course—messy! Work smarter and more efficiently than the other contestants and you might just come away victorious. May the best chef win!

Throughout the competition, you will gather Ingredients from Bowls, Prepare Recipes, and Complete them to claim Awards. The more Recipes you Complete, the more skillful you become and the more points you will receive. You can use special kitchen Tools and Golden Tokens to gain tactical advantages.

Ready… Set… Bake!

Ages 10+
1-4 players
45-90 minute play time

1 main board
4 individual trays
3 side tiles
16 Bowl tiles
1 Chef tile
24 stored ingredient tokens
58 Recipe cards
6 Chef cards
24 Utensil cards
4 Prized Shelf tiles
18 Prize tokens
28 Gold tokens
1 Initiative / Timer token
1 scorebook
4 Reservation tokens
4 Action tokens
1 rule book

18 cards and 4 tokens

Single player mode
1 Chef-o-Tron tray
2 Arm tiles
14 Robot cards
1 Force Field token

40.00 40.0 USD 40.00


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