Heroes of Barcadia


A band of monsters has stolen all the drinks in the kingdom and hoarded them away in a perilous, sprawling dungeon! Now, it is up to you, brave adventurer, to enter the ever-shifting corridors, outmaneuver your opponents, and reclaim the precious Drink Hoard!

Heroes of Barcadia is a 2-6 player tile-based, dungeon-crawling tabletop party game with a liquid twist: your character’s health is measured by the drink in your glass.

Build out your dungeon, fight monsters, collect Power-Ups to advance your character's abilities, and use Loot Cards to stop your opponents from reaching the Grand Drink Guardian first. Nice guys finish last in this fast-paced, ever-changing, pun-tastic party game, so come ready to rum-ble and bring your thirst for adventure!

2-6 players
Ages 21+
30-90 minute play time

57 Plastic Room Tiles
6 Health Bar Cups
6 Custom Enhanced d20 Dice
75 Plastic Loot Cards
25 Plastic Power Up Cards
16 Printed Enhanced Trap Tokens
6 Plastic Reference Cards
1 Rulebook

60.00 60.0 USD 60.00


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